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Reaching Gen Z Gamers through new content series

August 24, 2023


1 minute read

Ninety-six percent of Generation Z (Gen Z) enjoy video games so much that they consider themselves gamers, encouraging dairy to continue to find ways to grow trust with gaming partners like Version1. Version1 is an esports organization based in Minnesota with a worldwide following and is quite popular amongst Gen Z.

Last year, the “Cooking with Comm” content series was launched and continued with two new episodes around the holidays (eggnog and charcuterie). This summer, a new series called “V1DA with KRISSY” launched, where viewers got to know gamers inside and outside the game in a casual conversation setting. The first episode features ATTACH, a Version1 Call of Duty player, and the other episode features NOIA, one of the best Valorant players. Undeniably Dairy is the featured sponsor and selected topics around mental and physical wellness are discussed during these online episodes, including conversation about dairy and its unique nutritional benefits. The episodes also include some ad reads that connect Gen Z to dairy. The new content series has reached 318,046 consumers through Version1’s YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, X, and Facebook channels thus far, which is performing better than similar content on their channels.

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