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Pediatrician’s Toolkit


This toolkit provides resources for pediatricians and their patients on how dairy fits into a healthy diet, including an illustrated guide of MyPlate recommendations and a guide to feeding your baby for the first two years. MyPlate Prescription Tear Sheet is an illustrated guide of MyPlate recommendations throughout childhood. Utilize this to help patients better understand how to build their child a balanced plate and when educating patients with infants and young toddlers to help guide them in meeting their growing child’s needs. A handout is also provided on how dairy fits into a child’s nutritional needs, which can be used for families with children to help understand the nutritional importance of and how to easily add dairy to their diets. For parents with children ages 2 and older, this handout provides information on the sustainable nutrition dairy provides and its benefits as explained in research and studies from trusted third-party organizations. This toolkit uses evidence-based sources on dairy’s sustainability and nutritional value for your own practice or to share with patients.