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Sustainability: Consumer Perceptions Driving Dairy Innovation


According Innova Market Insights, sustainability issues remain top of mind as the effects of climate change become more pronounced. Join Midwest Dairy as we explore with Innova Market Insights how consumers perceptions on sustainability are impacting product innovation in the dairy aisle.

In this webinar, we explore the various forces impacting consumer needs and behavior, including concerns about the health of the planet. Over the years, sustainability has taken many forms on the dairy farm, and now they’re taking form in the dairy aisle. From messaging about animal welfare to farming practices, the dairy industry is meeting consumers desires for products that are ethically and responsibly produced.

Storytelling is key. This webinar also explores consumers perceptions to packaging, messaging, and more, as well as the ways the dairy industry can take advantage of that attention by sharing key sustainability information and facts. Younger generations, especially Millennials and Gen Z, pay more attention to sustainability claims on packaging, influencing their purchasing decisions. It’s a perfect opportunity for brands to share their story honestly and transparently.