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Dairy Promotion Update – Fall/Winter 2022

Discover how Midwest Dairy promoted all things dairy at eight state fairs in 2022, the ways we worked with and through partners to celebrate National…

Promotion in Action – November 2022

Discover the many projects Midwest Dairy worked on throughout November to grow trust and demand in our region. Read the latest Promotion in Action to…

Promotion in Action – October 2022

Discover what Midwest Dairy did in October 2022!

Promotion in Action – September 2022

Midwest Dairy has made every drop count in September through projects that included increasing dairy demand through e-commerce, building trust in dairy through strategic partnerships…

Dairy Promotion Update – Spring/Summer 2022

Discover the dairy checkoff’s collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, more about our work with foodservice and retail partners like Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers and…

Promotion in Action – August 2022

Dairy farmers, discover how Midwest Dairy invested your checkoff dollars to grow trust and demand in dairy. From working with Nebraska WIC to partnering with…

You Care for Animals, Dairy Does Too!

Learn how dairy farmers care for their cows in a variety of unique ways!

You Value Sustainability, Dairy Does Too!

Learn more about your local dairy farm families sustainability efforts.

What You Do, Dairy Does Too!

If you think you have nothing in common with today’s dairy farmers, think again!