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  • Promotion in Action - June 2022

    Discover the latest from Midwest Dairy, including the National Dairy Month activations that took place throughout June 2022!

  • Promotion in Action - May 2022

    Discover the latest with Midwest Dairy in this May 2022 Promotion in Action.

  • 2021 Midwest Dairy Scorecard

    Midwest Dairy publishes a scorecard bi-annually, reporting on key business objectives and sharing examples behind the numbers. Click to download our December 2021 Scorecard!

  • Promotion in Action - April 2022

    In the April 2022 edition of Promotion in Action, read about how Midwest Dairy is making every drop count for its farmers, from engaging students during Cow Week and through virtual grilled cheese chats to furthering dairy farmers' investments through research and sustainability.