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  • Kids Love Cold Milk Fact Sheet

    How to make sure kids get the essential nutrients from milk? Give them what they love - COLD milk! In this fact sheet, learn more about why milk is important for kids and how a bulk milk dispenser can ensure your school's students have access to a perfect glass of milk every day.

  • Bulk Milk Dispenser Schools Report

    Considering a bulk milk dispenser? Before deciding, check out this handout. It reviews some factors schools should consider along with the advantages and disadvantages of a bulk milk dispenser.

  • Bulk Milk Machines in K-12 Schools

    As more schools are focused on sustainability and zero waste, bulk milk dispensers are an innovative way to deliver cold milk and decrease waste. Check out some of the benefits and considerations to see if a bulk milk dispenser is right for your school.

  • Food Models - Vegetable Group

    Find a leader’s guide and individual cut-out food models for food in each food group to use as a tool in nutrition guidance.