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  • Promotion in Action - April 2022

    In the April 2022 edition of Promotion in Action, read about how Midwest Dairy is making every drop count for its farmers, from engaging students during Cow Week and through virtual grilled cheese chats to furthering dairy farmers' investments through research and sustainability.

  • Promotion in Action - March 2022

    Learn more about the activities Midwest Dairy has been involved in by reading our latest Promotion in Action! You'll read about newly elected board members, our efforts to address recent school milk supply challenges, our use of TikTok to reach Gen Z, and more.

  • Promotion in Action - January 2022

    Learn more about the activities Midwest Dairy was involved in by reading our January 2022 Promotion in Action. Included are details about our work with Kroger Health dietitians and Nebraska Husker athletes, our reach on social media in 2021, and what we're doing to kick off 2022.

  • Promotion in Action - October 2021

    Discover the opportunities Midwest Dairy created with Gen Z students, schools, influencers, and more to help grow trust in dairy and increase dairy sales in October 2021.