Dairy Resource Center

Welcome to the Dairy Resource Center, a place to find tools and resources for dairy, from lessons and activities to webinars to fact sheets. Explore what is available!




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  • Subway Campaign Social Assets

    Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts ready to share on social to support the Subway Cares/GENYOUth campaign.

  • Physicians' Toolkit

    Kids Dairy Info Sheet: A handout on how dairy fits into a child's nutritional needs. Utilize this in helping families with children understand the nutritional importance of and how to easily add dairy to their diets. For parents with children ages 2 and older. The Science Behind Dairy: This handout provides information on the sustainable nutrition dairy provides and its benefits as explained in research and studies from trusted third-party organizations. Utilize for evidence-based sources on dairy's sustainability and nutritional value for your own practice or to share with patients. MyPlate Prescription Tear Sheet: an illustrated guide of MyPlate recommendations throughout childhood. Utilize this to help patients better understand how to build their child a balanced plate

  • Smoothie Toolkit

    Smoothies are an easy and delicious way to spark new interest in school breakfast and lunch programs. Check out this toolkit to help get your school started!

  • Hot Chocolate Toolkit

    Heating chocolate milk to serve as hot chocolate is a great way to increase milk consumption and attract new students to your school’s breakfast and lunch programs. This kit offers tools ad resources to get you started!