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  • Promotion in Action - October 2020

    As we enter in the fourth quarter of 2020 at Midwest Dairy, we’re wrapping up our plans for the year, while simultaneously developing our action plans for 2021. Like many, we’re looking forward to a new beginning, but that hasn’t deterred our passion and commitment to our current work. Learn more about how your checkoff dollars are hard at work in this month’s issue of Promotion in Action.

  • Subway Campaign Social Assets

    Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts ready to share on social to support the Subway Cares/GENYOUth campaign.

  • Undeniably Dairy Coloring Book

    Learn more about dairy and dairy farming in the pages of the new Undeniably Dairy coloring book. Includes dairy-delicious recipes perfect for kids to help prepare!

  • Physicians' Toolkit

    Kids Dairy Info Sheet: A handout on how dairy fits into a child's nutritional needs. Utilize this in helping families with children understand the nutritional importance of and how to easily add dairy to their diets. For parents with children ages 2 and older. The Science Behind Dairy: This handout provides information on the sustainable nutrition dairy provides and its benefits as explained in research and studies from trusted third-party organizations. Utilize for evidence-based sources on dairy's sustainability and nutritional value for your own practice or to share with patients.