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  • Is Yogurt Good for You?

    Here’s a closer look at how the essential nutrients found in one serving of low-fat vanilla yogurt benefit the body 

  • DASH Eating Plan - Spanish

    DASH, cuyas siglas en inglés corresponden a “Enfoque Alimentario para Detener la Hipertensión” es un plan de alimentación que es flexible y incluye una variedad de alimentos. 

  • DASH Eating Plan

    An outline for following the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertensioneating plan, which centers on flexibility and encourages a wide variety of foods.  

  • Online Farm Experience 10-12

    Visit the Online Farm Experience for a 10-stop (11-video) tour to help you experience how milk from real cows, on a real Midwestern farm, becomes the fresh, naturally nutrient-rich dairy foods you love.