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  • Online Farm Experience Guide 3-6

    Visit the Online Farm Experience for a 10-stop (11-video) tour to help you experience how milk from real cows, on a real Midwestern farm, becomes the fresh, naturally nutrient-rich dairy foods you love.

  • Scavenger Hunt

    Whether on-the-farm or at a zoo, these dairy farm scavenger hunt riddles will engage consumers.

    1. Find where farmers prepare and keep the feed that keep the cows happy and the milk delicious.
    2. See or sit in a tractor that helps plow the fields to provide the feed that cows need every day.
    3. See if you can find a cow with a pedometer on the farm.
    4. See if you can find where it all starts - in the milking barn.
    5. Let's see if you can find where milk is stored once it leaves the cow and before it makes its way to your local store.
    6. Find an example of where a farmer uses or reuses water on the farm.
    7. Talk with a farmer to see how long the family has been farming. Or, at least stop and say, "Hi!"
    8. This one's easy - grab a milk and congratulate yourself on a job well done

  • Probiotic Fact Sheet

    What exactly are probiotics and why are they important? Find information about probiotics, the added benefits of probiotic milk and how it’s made in this fact sheet. Plus, an overview of the nine essential nutrients found in milk is included.  

  • Dairy Trivia

    Whether you’re hosting an event, having game night with friend, or looking for fun facts to share, here are some Undeniably Dairy trivia questions and answers.