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  • Dairy Graphics

    Create your own dairy flair with these fun graphics that include I  MILK, CHEESE THE DAY and DAIRY IS IN THE AIR. Use them on hats, t-shirts, tote bags, pens and pencils or wherever you want to show your dairy love.   To use, download the graphic files and send of the vendor of your choosing. Note that the files requires Adobe software to open. 

  • Dairy Trivia

    Whether you’re hosting an event, having game night with friend, or looking for fun facts to share, here are some Undeniably Dairy trivia questions and answers.  

  • DASH Eating Plan

    An outline for following the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertensioneating plan, which centers on flexibility and encourages a wide variety of foods.  

  • DASH Eating Plan - Spanish

    DASH, cuyas siglas en inglés corresponden a “Enfoque Alimentario para Detener la Hipertensión” es un plan de alimentación que es flexible y incluye una variedad de alimentos.