Discover Dairy

Discover Dairy brings the farm into your classroom through the Adopt a Cow program, STEM curriculum, and activities aimed at elementary and middle school students.

STEM Curriculum

Incorporating Common CORE and STEM standards, Discover Dairy offers lessons to help elementary and middle school students explore:

  • How farmers care for their cows
  • The role of technology on the farm and in food production
  • Food safety and the science behind pasteurization
  • How farmers incorporate sustainable on-farm practices to care for the environment
  • How dairy contributes to and impacts consumers, retailers, communities and the economy
  • The role of dairy in a healthy diet

In addition to lesson plans and activities, Discover Dairy provides a quick and easy way to incorporate dairy education in the classroom with videos, a reading list, recipes, dairy-themed computer games and field trip suggestions.

Adopt a Cow Program

The Adopt a Cow Program is a year-long virtual experience for students to care for a calf and interact with a dairy farmer. With regular updates from farmers, students learn about the cow and her life cycle—including photos, stories and information about the calf.

So far, 485 classrooms have adopted a calf virtually, giving over 25,000 students more insight how dairy farmers care for their animals.

Two farms from the Midwest participated in the Adopt a Cow program during the 2018–2019 school year: Tauer Dairy in Minnesota and Erdman Dairy in Illinois.

We are looking at opportunities to expand the program for the next school year.