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Sharing dairy research and trends with partners

March 31, 2023


2 minute read

Partners view Midwest Dairy as an industry expert who can provide resources and research to drive dairy demand. We work through and with partners by providing insights that help inform them where there are growth opportunities for dairy and foster ideas on how they could successfully drive dairy sales. 

In an increasingly complex and fast-moving world, Midwest Dairy helps our partners remain relevant to consumers by providing information about consumer trends and insights. With access to case studies and a cutting-edge food and beverage product database, Midwest Dairy can identify local and global trends and track the needs, behaviors, and consumption motivators of consumers. Our insights help partners and stakeholders understand what is driving today’s consumers and turn consumer insights into action. Midwest Dairy can also help accelerate dairy innovation by working with dairy processors to develop products that resonate with today’s consumers. Lastly, we can help uncover new opportunities in the marketplace to grow dairy sales. 

Sharing this research with partners has led to projects with impact in 2022, including:  

  • Midwest Dairy provided Kum & Go with research on milk size and flavor performance to help them add more flavors of milk to their dairy case. Additionally, Kum & Go requested dairy category trends for the convenience store channel. Midwest Dairy was able to provide helpful research that allowed for a better understanding of dairy trends in the overall competitive marketplace. 
  • United National Foods, Inc. used our research and insights to validate milk category trends for their summer dairy category/milk segment line review. 
  • Midwest Dairy was able to provide yogurt research and data points for inclusion in Schnucks’ Simply magazine with the “Good For You” theme, driving trust and incremental yogurt sales for this grocery chain.