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Sharing dairy’s sustainability story with thought leaders

April 23, 2024


3 minute read

As part of Midwest Dairy’s work to grow trust in dairy, we share dairy’s sustainable nutrition story with thought leaders who then share that information with their followers. By partnering with credible health and wellness, environmentally focused groups, and other experts who can positively reinforce dairy’s message, we ensure that dairy’s sustainable nutrition story reaches consumers who need more information. We connect with these thought leaders through various gatherings that naturally align with dairy’s sustainability story, as illustrated in the examples below.

University of South Dakota sustainability professor highlights dairy

To build trust in dairy’s sustainability story with thought leaders, particularly those influencing Generation Z (Gen Z), Midwest Dairy continues to partner with the University of South Dakota’s (USD) Sustainability Program. Through this multifaceted partnership, Midwest Dairy was invited to participate in Professor Jenny Fierro’s sustainable environment course, which was attended by more than 90 college freshmen and sophomores earning science credits. Faculty from the department were also invited, and Midwest Dairy was pleased to see five attend.

Dairy farmer Doug Stensland and his daughter-in-law Chelsea Stensland joined the group to share their farm and creamery’s story, focusing on the sustainability efforts of their business and the dairy community. The Stenslands discussed their recent successes and challenges and brought ice cream for students to sample.

Following the presentation, Midwest Dairy met with USD’s Sustainability Advisory Committee to discuss the research graduate assistantship project examining the environmental beliefs of Gen Z, learn more about the department’s goals, and discuss ideas for collaboration. Advisory committee members also had the opportunity to discuss and learn about dairy sustainability efforts in South Dakota. 

Dairy’s sustainability story told at the 2024 Missouri Native Grasslands Summit

Midwest Dairy was invited to share dairy’s sustainable nutrition story at the inaugural Missouri Native Grasslands Summit in Jefferson City, Missouri. Through individual conversations and a table discussion, Midwest Dairy highlighted ongoing sustainability efforts by dairy farmers and outlined its sustainable goals for the future.

The summit was hosted by the Conservation Federation of Missouri, the Missouri Department of Conservation, and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. This event brought together stakeholders, experts, and community members to discuss and strategize about the conservation, management, and restoration of grasslands in Missouri. The summit explored the importance of grasslands for biodiversity, habitat preservation, and sustainable land management practices. 

Midwest Dairy shares food and sustainability STEM work

At the March Kansas City Environmental Education Network (KCEEN) meeting, Midwest Dairy presented updates about dairy’s sustainability goals and efforts, as well as new high school STEM resources focusing on food and sustainability. In addition to sharing the STEM resources, we will also distribute them through the network’s email lists. Attendees at the meeting represented various organizations working in the Kansas City region. Convened by the Mid-America Regional Council, KCEEN is a bi-state network of educators and organizations working in environmental education. Its mission is to expand and improve environmental education for youth.