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Smoothie toolkits for schools

May 15, 2023


1 minute read

Over the past three years, Midwest Dairy has funded school equipment grants for opportunities that go beyond the milk carton. The Beyond the Milk Carton series is designed to help school nutrition professionals plan, promote, and implement exciting dairy applications beyond the milk carton, to increase student participation in food service programs. Each toolkit showcases dairy foods as nutritional powerhouses that add flavor and variety to school meals. 

Our new Smoothie Success Guide is now available to help schools add Smoothies —packed full of nutritious dairy, fruits, and vegetables — to their food service program and fuel students every day. The toolkit includes preparation and serving tips, recipe ideas, and promotional materials for serving smoothies as part of reimbursable meals.

All Midwest schools will be able to use this information to bring innovative dairy programs to their schools. The toolkits are available on