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Spring partnership with Dierbergs Markets kicks off

May 23, 2023


2 minute read

Midwest Dairy and Dierbergs Markets kicked off their 2023 partnership this spring with two dairy-focused campaigns. 

At the end of March, Dierbergs worked with their group of exclusive brand ambassadors, including social influencers, to secure Caitlin Ladd to develop a recipe that promoted lactose-free milk. Ladd is a popular influencer whose content focuses on being a wife, raising kids, and crafting. She lives in Saint Louis and currently has over 6,000 followers. For this promotion, Ladd created a yummy brownie recipe and talked about the benefits of using the lactose-free milk ingredient for her son with lactose intolerance. Click here to watch the Instagram reel.

Dierbergs and Midwest Dairy also created a campaign to drive cheese sales in April. Dierbergs worked with their recipe development team to make a Three Cheese Quiche. The recipe was promoted in their digital ad, on Instagram, and through email. Running in conjunction with the recipe was a promotion on shredded cheese where customers would earn two dollars in Dierbergs Rewards Points when they bought two Dierbergs Shreds. They also updated the Undeniably Dairy blog page and used in-store door clings with QR codes linking customers to the blog page.

Not only was this partnership promoting dairy products, but it was also part of a testing process with Dierbergs to determine which tactics work best to reach their shoppers. For example, it was decided in April that printing QR codes for in-store signage could have been more effective as shoppers were not scanning them. Midwest Dairy appreciates their collaborative spirit and will continue to work with Dierbergs to understand the best way to drive sales while reaching customers. 

Dierbergs spring partnership ad