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Using gaming and esports to reclaim dairy’s wellness benefits

July 1, 2022


1 minute read

Midwest Dairy sees potential in piloting an effort to reach these Gen Z gamers and reclaim dairy’s wellness benefits to grow trust through the gaming industry. 94 percent of Gen Z are playing video games, 62 percent are watching video game content, and 44 percent say they have made a purchase decision based on a recommendation from a social influencer, like a gamer. Because of these numbers and more research, dairy is stepping into the gaming arena.

For this pilot, Midwest Dairy is working with Version1, an esports organization based in Minnesota, to position Undeniably Dairy as the official Nutrition Partner of Version1 Rocket League from May to July. The partnership’s goal is to connect with young video game players about how proper nutrition, including dairy, can optimize both cognitive and physical performance for esports athletes and deliver this messaging to an audience of at least 15 million.  

As an added opportunity with this pilot, Midwest Dairy gave all processors headquartered in our 10-state region the ability to participate in additional brand integrations. One processor, Prairie Farms, took advantage of the opportunity, and Midwest Dairy is excited to share more learnings and results after the pilot concludes.