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Whey protein popsicle offers nutrition and indulgence

April 5, 2019


1 minute read

The Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center’s University of Minnesota team, in partnership with U.S. Dairy Exports Council (USDEC), showcased a prototype for a whey protein-based lemon ginger popsicle at the international 2018 Institute of Food Technology conference. With 10g of protein and less than 100 calories per serving, this popsicle could serve as either a post-workout snack or an indulgent treat.

The MDFRC works diligently to translate consumer insights for companies looking to develop innovative dairy products relevant to consumers’ wants and needs. As today’s consumer is more on the go, they look to snacks more often to fuel their active lifestyles and satisfy their cravings.

Lemon ginger ice pops on a table with mint leaves and lemon slices.