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Working with influencers to build trust in dairy this fall

November 17, 2021


3 minute read

By working with different influencers, we can not only bring dairy to unexpected places but also reach consumers we might not usually appeal to. We have seen time and time again successful partnerships with influencers in different industries such as athletes, dietitians, and micro- and macro-influencers because consumers trust these peers. Keep reading to see how influencers in Missouri are partnering with Midwest dairy to promote dairy messaging this fall.

Registered dietitian and Instagram micro-influencer, Sarah Williams, communicates with her followers on the Instagram social media platform by utilizing the “reels” feature. Instagram reels are short video bursts of content that is not only entertaining for viewers but can also be very engaging. Midwest Dairy has found a valuable partnership with Sarah when spreading dairy’s nutrition message. Living in St. Louis but owning an online/virtual practice, Sarah can appeal to a wide audience range including the upper range of the Gen Z age group including plus their parents. With expertise in weight management, Sarah engages in promoting a variety of different dairy recipes as well as different dairy topics as it relates to maintaining a healthy weight. Some of her posts have included celebrating national food holidays including National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day and National Pasta Day with recipes that promote multiple dairy ingredients. So far, her posts are reaching an average of 650 accounts!

If you would like to check her posts and recipes out, please visit her page here!

Another Missouri influencer is excited about pushing dairy this fall too. Ariel Johnston, registered dietitian and cooking instructor from Kansas City is also pushing dairy messaging through her promotion of a popular fall snack. Cheese and charcuterie boards continue to be a popular go-to for get-togethers, especially during the holiday season. In a recent blog post, Ariel shares an autumn-focused cheese board where she pairs sweet and salty with colorful cheese and seasonal produce. Click here to visit the post. From cheese to a Greek yogurt pumpkin dip, dairy is the star of the board and is perfectly paired for fall get-togethers. Ariel also hints at her partnership with Midwest Dairy during the winter holiday by encouraging visitors to check out her Holiday Cheese Board for some more cheese board inspiration.