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Assessing Your Daily Protein Intake

A helpful tool for determining whether you are getting enough of this important nutrient.

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Client Education Tool: Whey Protein, Why and How?

All proteins are not created equal. Find out how whey protein measures up against other protein sources.

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Whey Protein and Satiety

Learn how whey protein, as part of a higher protein diet, may help increase satiety, or the feeling of fullness, which can help curb snacking or over-eating.

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Whey protein is a high-quality protein naturally found in dairy that contains all of the essential amino acids, or in other words the building blocks, your body needs. The health benefits of whey protein are abundant. Research shows it does a better job of building lean muscle mass compared to soy protein. This can aid the individual who is looking to improve body composition, the athlete who is looking to gain muscle or the aging individual who is trying to prevent muscle breakdown. It’s been proven diets higher in protein may help manage weight, which means whey protein may also help those trying to watch their waist line because it is a natural and convenient way of adding protein to the diet. Whey protein has a fresh, natural taste and complements the flavor of the food to which it is added. That said, whey protein can easily fit into diets when added as an ingredient to products such as energy bars, sports drinks and powders.

The National Dairy Council’s Whey Protein Health Education Kit provides education tools, nutrition materials and recommended web links developed to help health professionals educate active adults about optimal nutrition practices for a healthy lifestyle.

Visit Whey For You to find answers to your frequently asked questions about whey protein and recipes that will help you increase your whey protein intake.

More About Whey

Whey Protein Institute Videos

Starting at the farm, whey protein is a high quality protein naturally deriving from milk. Watch these videos to learn more about its nutrition and health benefits and how it compares to other proteins.

Whey Additional Resources

Whey: State of the Science

Research shows that whey protein helps promote muscle repair and recovery after exercise. Additionally, numerous scientific studies have been conducted to better assess the benefits of higher protein diets, including many studies incorporating whey protein.

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Protein and Healthy Aging

Protein and Healthy Aging outlines how high-quality protein, such as whey protein, can help people stay healthy and strong as they age.

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Creating a Pathway for Healthy and Vibrant Aging

Muscle loss is a natural aging process; however, it may be surprising to learn that it can begin as early as your 30’s.

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Whey Protein: For Active Women

Learn why whey protein is a smart choice for active women.

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Whey Protein and Your Post-Workout Nutrition Recovery

Boost the benefits of your daily exercise routine by incorporating whey protein into your post-workout “recovery nutrition” plan.

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