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Dairy for Educators

Educator Resources

Educators, discover curriculum for students in elementary through high school that includes STEM concepts, educating students on where their milk comes from and how dairy contributes to the world. These free educator resources include topics of sustainability, farm facts, FACS/culinary activities, virtual farm tours, games, lesson plans, coloring, and more!



GENYOUth’s Root4Her program is designed for middle school girls and provides resources, support, strategies, and motivation to make movement an important part of a girls’…

Farm to School Jeopardy

Bring the fun of Jeopardy into your classroom!

There is a lot you don't know about dairy

There’s a Lot that you Don’t Know About Dairy

Have you ever stopped to think about how dairy is made or what makes it so nutritious?

Undeniably Dairy Coloring Book

This coloring book combines art, education, and cooking in one!

Moo Cow Song Music Video

Moo Cow Song Brain Break Video

The Moo Cow is a fun dance that makes learning about dairy fun.

Mooga yoga poses


Use Mooga to get students energized and ready to learn!

Moo Cow Song Lyrics

Moo Cow Brain Break Song Lyrics

Use this lyric sheet when teaching your class the Moo Cow Song!

Healthy Farming, Healthy You lesson plan

Healthy Farming, Healthy You

This complete teaching kit takes students across the country to learn about dairy.

Image of a lesson plan from Fuel Up about healthy food, mind, and body.

Healthy Food, Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: Mind and Body Connectedness

Learn how food can make you feel calm, energized, focused and more!

Image of a PDF from Fuel Up about making the most of your meal.

Fuel Your Game Day – Every Day is Game Day: How Food Fuels Your Body

Fueling your body with nutritious foods is important for understanding how food fuels you.

good food equals good mood poster

Fuel Up Classroom-Ready Resources

Educators, discover materials focusing on STEM, agriculture and SEL topics to fill your lesson plans.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Cows

Compare human and cow movements with this pedometer activity.