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Dairy ambassadors learn how to navigate tough questions from consumers

April 23, 2024


2 minute read

This year, Midwest Dairy is represented by 27 dairy ambassadors from Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota. The Dairy Ambassador program offers educational and leadership opportunities for students who are passionate about dairy. Throughout 2024, dairy ambassadors will connect with consumers and share dairy’s story while networking with their peers and industry professionals.

To prepare dairy ambassadors to successfully share their dairy stories with consumers, Midwest Dairy provided virtual training focused on answering tough questions they might receive. During the training, the ambassadors learned why preparing for tough questions is important, discussed best practices for responding, reviewed resources to help with messaging, and ended the training by practicing tough questions with their peers.

Midwest Dairy values these ambassadors and wants them to feel comfortable and confident when interacting with consumers at different events. We feel it is important to provide training like this one to empower them to share dairy’s story confidently. Additionally, this training allowed the dairy ambassadors to meet and network with ambassadors from other states.

To learn more about our dairy ambassador program and to request a dairy ambassador to participate in your event, visit