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Dr. Erin Cortus discusses manure management with dairy ambassadors

June 26, 2024


2 minute read

Sustainability is top of mind for consumers, and many have questions about manure management. Since dairy ambassadors share the dairy story with consumers and may receive questions about cow manure, we wanted to provide them with an opportunity to take a deeper dive into this topic. 

Dr. Erin Cortus, an Associate Professor and Extension Engineer at University of Minnesota, was invited to give a virtual presentation titled “Talk the Talk of Manure Management” for our dairy ambassadors. During this webinar, Erin demonstrated the “recycling aspect” to manure management and the steps taken to keep nutrients and energy within a cycle. Too often the aspects of manure management are shown and discussed in a negative light. Dr. Cortus’ presentation helped explain why farmers manage manure the way they do on dairy farms. At the end of the presentation, the ambassadors applied their knowledge by answering common questions about manure and its impact on the environment. 

The dairy ambassador program is an educational and leadership opportunity for students passionate about dairy. Dairy ambassadors can connect with consumers and share dairy’s story while networking with their peers and industry professionals. You can learn more about the dairy ambassador program on our website