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Fostering dairy sustainability in today’s retail environment webinar

December 17, 2020


2 minute read

Everything has shifted in 2020 – from the way we work to the way we shop. With the new challenges we’ve faced this year, people are eager to make a difference, and sustainability has come to the forefront of many consumers’ minds.

This November, Midwest Dairy hosted a virtual webinar, Fostering Dairy Sustainability in Today’s Retail Environment, featuring consumer data and analysis from Midwest Dairy Insights Manager, Megan Sheets. These market insights found that consumers’ interest in where their food comes from and how it is grown is on the rise. An increasing percentage of the population values sustainable food and agriculture practices, and many make a direct link in their mind between sustainability and wellness. Consumers want fresh, healthy products that support their local businesses and economy, while taking care of the earth and their bodies. And they rely on both brands and retailers to help them find those ethical and nutritious options.

The good news: the dairy industry is making enormous strides in this area both to satisfy consumers’ demands as well as the desire to farm and produce food as responsibly as possible. The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy works from a social responsibility platform to help dairy producers across the U.S. continue to make progress with sustainability. This platform includes five core areas of focus: animal care, environmental stewardship, food safety, people & community, and sustainable nutrition. Keeping these focus areas front and center allows producers to provide more sustainable options in both product and packaging. 

Nearly 100 members of the dairy community tuned in to the webinar to learn more about what consumers value and how they can support it. The webinar ended with Midwest Dairy sharing three new marketing concepts rooted in consumer insights. Each marketing campaign outlined a unique approach for not only connecting shoppers to dairy’s sustainability story, but also empowering them to play an active role in helping dairy achieve net-zero by 2050. Seven partners indicated in a post-webinar survey they plan to implement these new marketing strategies.

Midwest Dairy is committed to helping consumers feel good about what they purchase and inspiring retailers to do their part in bringing the dairy industry’s sustainable nutrition story to life for consumers. Learn more about our Research and Insights.