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Smart Moo-ve

Healthy All Day Long

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Smart Moo-ve Storybook

As a parent and caregiver, you know all too well the challenges associated with mealtime. Through this scavenger hunt storybook, coloring book, and collector cards, you’ll have the tools needed to help teach and engage your children about the importance of eating healthy and the nutrients for energy, strong bones, and those that contribute to overall health and wellness.

To get started, download our fun and interactive digital storybook about Carly and her healthy food friends! To download the storybook, please click here.

Read the Story
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Meet the Characters

Ready to meet the entire cast of Smart Moo-ve? Click to meet Ariel, Benny, and the whole crew and download your favorite digital trading cards!

Meet the Characters

Coloring Fun

Eating foods from all five food groups helps to keep your bone strong, keep you healthy, and give you energy all day long. Download our fun coloring book to learn more about Carly and her friends!

Download the Coloring Book
MyPlate Handout Preview

MyPlate Handouts

Download our helpful handouts to discover the food groups needed to nourish a healthy mind and body, including samples of foods from each group.

Strong Bones and Teeth Handout Preview

Strong Bones & Teeth Handout

Growing children and teens need calcium to build strong bones and teeth. Dairy foods provide calcium and high-quality protein, which are important for building peak bone mass into early adulthood.

Download our Strong Bones & Teeth handout to learn more!

Berry pancakes


Searching for nutritious recipes to share with your family? Check out those listed below, filled with the fruits, vegetables, dairy, and protein you need to keep your body healthy and strong.

Want more healthy and delicious dairy-filled recipes? Visit!

Image of berry overnight oats in a jar.

Berry Overnight Oats


Fruit Salsa Parfait

Image of a frozen homemade popsicle

Frozen Yogurt Fruit Popsicles

Homemade mac and cheese with cheddar

Light Mac and Cheese

Image of an orange smoothie

Orange Cream Chiller

Homemade strawberry boba in a uniquely shaped glass

More Dairy Recipes


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