Kids Love Cold Milk Fact Sheet


The easiest way to ensure kids get essential nutrients they need is to give them what they love – COLD milk! A bulk milk dispenser at school can ensure your students have access to a delicious glass of milk every day.


Kids Need More Calcium

Among children ages 6-11, 71% of girls and 62% of boys don’t meet calcium requirements. And, milk is one of the richest sources of calcium. Each 8-ounce serving of milk has 300 mg of calcium, getting kids on their way to meeting their recommended three servings a day.

Milk Is a Nutrient-Rich Powerhouse

Milk contains nine essential nutrients. Calcium helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth while protein helps build and repair muscle tissue.

Cold Milk Stays Fresh Longer

Temperatures above 40 degrees reduce the shelf life of milk. The shelf life of milk is shortened by a full 50% for every 5-degree rise in temperature above 40 degrees. Strive for 35 degrees! Milk stays fresh longest at this temperature.