Dairy for Educators


Educators, discover curriculum for students in elementary through high school that includes STEM concepts, educating students on where their milk comes from and how dairy contributes to the world.

Educator Resources

Check out our free educator resources below, covering sustainability, farm facts, FACS/culinary activities, virtual farm tours, games, lesson plans, coloring, and more!


Dairy Farm Tour – Recycling

Dairy farmers are dedicated to sustainability and recycle as much as they can on their farms!

Soil for Ag

This lesson is geared towards 4th grade learning about land suitable for agriculture.

South Dakota Dairy Farms Then and Now Infographic

Learn how South Dakota dairy farms have changed from 1970 to today.

Sustainability matters to all of us

Sustainability – It Matters to All of US

Learn how U.S. dairy is working to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality by 2050.

Get the scoop on cow poop

Scoop on Poop

Discover how dairy farmers responsibly manage manure to protect the environment.

Nebraska Dairy Farms Then & Now Infographic

Learn how Nebraska dairy farm families have evolved from 1970 to today.

North Dakota Dairy Farms Then and Now Infographic

Discover the ways North Dakota dairy farm families have evolved since 1970.

Oklahoma Dairy Farms Then and Now Infographic

Learn how dairy farm families in Oklahoma have evolved since 1970!

Meet Macy Conrad, Gen Z Dairy Farmer from Ohio

Meet Macy Conrad: A Next Gen Farmer

Macy is passionate the planet and believes in dairy environmental commitment.