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Webinars, market insights help engage Midwest Dairy partners

August 4, 2020


2 minute read

In response to the quickly changing environment in the first half of the year, Midwest Dairy reimagined regularly scheduled, quarterly research webinars into weekly reports to provide real-time insights to retail, processor and convenience store partners during the pandemic. These reports captured shifts in the marketplace, emerging consumer trends and guidance to our partners on the strategy around increasing dairy sales during an unprecedented time.

With an abundance of market insights released during rapidly changing retail environments, Midwest Dairy analyzed research received from IRI, Mintel and Global Data to provide partners with timely and credible information to support dairy category success. Megan Sheets, consumer insights manager for Midwest Dairy, delivered the top line insights through a video series that was shared with 120 contacts at nearly 50 industry organizations. Insight topics included: immunity-boosting foods, e-commerce advancement, conscious consumption and supporting local businesses.

By presenting these insights, retailers are better equipped to capitalize on and continue the trend of increasing milk, cheese, yogurt and butter sales. “Thank you for sending out the IRI sales data and the videos. I find the information really valuable each week,” said the vice president of sales and marketing for a Minnesota-based cooperative.

Sharing video insights has strengthened relationships with our partners by reaffirming Midwest Dairy as a reliable source of real-time data that was able to be applied directly to the dairy category during a time of uncertainty and rapid change. “Midwest Dairy has been a great communicator of information. I look forward to your new way of communicating via YouTube as well as the continued downloadable reports,” said the director of sales for a global yogurt brand. Sharing this information has also resulted in relationship building with prospective partners and inquiries from current partners requesting additional information about dairy. Research reports will continue on a monthly basis along with a webinar series. A webinar, “Navigating dairy growth post-COVID-19”, taking place on August 19, will focus on the drivers of increased dairy purchasing and how to sustain this growth in the long-term. A second webinar, “Fostering dairy sustainability in today’s retail environment,” taking place on November 3, will explain shopper sustainability expectations, sustainability of dairy products and actionable insights for dairy at retail. These avenues will ensure Midwest Dairy continues to deliver research in a timely manner and is a source for credible information and insights.