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Sustainable Nutrition

What is sustainable nutrition?

It all starts with Honoring the Harvest—working together to use food with good purpose so it’s never wasted. That means ensuring all people have access to nutrient-rich foods and ensuring responsible farm practices. When it comes to sustainable nutrition, dairy fits the bill.

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Dairy Nourishes People

Dairy plays an important role in supporting healthy lifestyles. In fact, dairy foods provide many nutrients in the diet that are vital to good health. Three daily servings of low-fat or fat-free dairy foods improve overall diet quality and reduce the risk of various chronic diseases.  

To ensure all families have access to dairy’s nutrition, dairy farmers are committed to working within their communities and local schools to make more milk and dairy foods available to those in need.  

Nourishing People, Animals and the Land

People understandably want to know where their food comes from and its impact on the environment. Not only do dairy foods nourish people and communities, but they are produced by farmers who are mindful of the planet. Dairy farmers are committed to producing better food through responsible practices.

It starts with cow care

Providing families with safe, wholesome, nutritious milk begins with top-notch cow care. Dairy farmers take great measures to provide their cows with a nutritious diet, regular medical care and comfortable living conditions.

Cows are nature’s ultimate recyclers. About 80% of what cows eat cannot be eaten by people simply can’t digest items like cottonseed hulls, almond shells and corn stalks. It’s a win/win—the cow eats the corn stalk and the human eats the corn cob, the cow eats the almond shell and the human eats the almond, the cow eats the cottonseed hull and the human wears the cotton T-shirt. As a result, minimal waste goes to landfills. Plus, we also benefit from all of the great nutrition the cow unlocks in its unique four-chambered stomach and turns into nutrient-rich milk!

From people to animals and back to the land to grow food more sustainably, dairy farmers embrace the act of honoring the harvest.

Sustainability Research

National experts cite the science to prove dairy’s role in nourishing people and the planet.

Honor the Harvest

Honoring the Harvest is about using food for its highest purpose.