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Dairy for Educators

Educator Resources

Educators, discover curriculum for students in elementary through high school that includes STEM concepts, educating students on where their milk comes from and how dairy contributes to the world. These free educator resources include topics of sustainability, farm facts, FACS/culinary activities, virtual farm tours, games, lesson plans, coloring, and more!


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Dairy Cattle Breeds

Learn more about the different dairy cattle breeds in the United States, including origins, characteristics, and fun facts. Breeds include Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein,…

Dairy Farm Tour – Fridge

After a cow is milked, the milk is cooled quickly and prepared for transport.

Dairy Farm Tour – Work

Learn about the work dairy cows do every day on the farm.

Dairy Farm Tour – Transport

Fast, fresh, and local, milk makes its way from farm to store in 48 hours

Dairy Farm Tour – Home

Learn more about the comfortable, climate-controlled barns dairy cows call home.

Dairy Farm Tour – Nursery

Learn how dairy farmers take great care of their calves.

Dairy Farm Tour – Dairy Breeds

Learn the names of the seven different breeds of dairy cows.

Dairy Farm Tour – Recycling

Dairy farmers are dedicated to sustainability and recycle as much as they can on their farms!

Dairy Farm Tour – Vacation

Did you know dairy cows take vacations, too? Learn more here!

Dairy Farm Tour – Nutrition

Learn how dairy farmers work closely with nutritionists to create high-quality feed for their dairy cattle.

Dairy Farm Tour – Family

Meet the dairy farm families who are dedicated to producing nutritious milk!

Dairy Farm Tour – Welcome

Meet fourth-generation dairy farmers Brooke and Adam Engelman!