Optimizing School Meals

School meals are vital to the health and learning of students. They provide nutritionally balanced to children each school day, often for free or at a reduced cost.

Dairy in Schools

For food insecure students, school meals may be their only access to nutritious foods, including dairy foods. Alternative breakfast programs such as Breakfast in the Classroom and Grab n’ Go Breakfast are two options for enhancing school meals to increase participation and access to balanced meals.

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Maximizing School Meals

The USDA School Meal Program can be the key to a student’s success in the classroom, especially for students who don’t have access to nutritious foods at home. But there’s often a gap between the number of students who participate in School Lunch versus School Breakfast, with the morning meal numbers lagging. There are programs which can help fill the gap by making meals more accessible to more students throughout the school building.

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