Additional Scholarships

Dairy Management, Inc. Scholarships

National Dairy Promotion and Research Board (NDB) Undergraduate Scholarship Program
Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement and an interest in a career in a dairy-related discipline, plus demonstrated leadership, initiative and integrity. Candidates are expected to complete an application form, submit a transcript of all college courses and write a short statement describing their career aspirations, dairy-related activities and work experiences.

National Dairy Shrine Scholarship
(1st – $1,500; 2nd through 7th – $1,000. Number of awards is dependent on number and quality of applicants). These scholarships are provided to encourage college sophomores and junior students to pursue careers in marketing of milk or dairy products. Major areas can include: Dairy Science, Animal Science, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Communications, Agricultural Education, General Education and Food and Nutrition. Awards are based on experience ability and interests in dairy/product marketing. Co-sponsored with Dairy Management Inc. Application Deadline is April 15.